September 18, 2017

Move In/Out Cleaning

Cleaning Vacant Properties

Moving can be a hassle, so why not give yourself a break and let the professionals do the dirt work for you?  If you’re purchasing a new home or moving out of one, We will meet your expectations and do everything we can to make sure you or your landlord are happy with our services.  Our standard fees are based on vacant properties with average cleaning needs, Some properties need more attention than others. Call for an in-home FREE estimate.


If you had to evict a tenant, acquired a foreclosed home or, just had a previous tenant leave a disaster don’t worry!  Our team is fully trained to remove all waste, furniture, etc.  leaving the property empty allowing the process of assessing the damages easier and more accurate. We have access to dumpsters sizes from 15, 20 and, 30 yards. No job is too big or too small for Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc.


Standard Charges

Prices Includes:

Our prices include the following, all floors swept mopped or vacuumed, Bathrooms get a deep clean including light fixtures, medicine cabinets, sinks toilets, showers, tubs, vanities, all cabinets and, floors. Bedrooms get all light fixtures and fans, baseboards, closet shelves, blinds (have a upcharge of $5.00 each), windows and window runners. We get a little crazy in the kitchen starting with light fixtures, cabinets inside and out, appliances to include moving them out and cleaning underneath them we know that kitchen and bathrooms are the most important thing when it comes to cleaning. You will not be disappointed in our services! I guarantee it! See what our previous customers had to say by clicking here

Under 500                  $129.00

500-1000                   $149.00

1000-1500                  $179.00

1500-2000                  $229.00

2000-2500                  $279.00

2500-3000                  $329.00

3000-3500                  $359.00

3500-4000                  $389.00

4000-4500                  $449.00

4500-5000                  $499.00

5000-6000                  $579.00


Inside Fridge             $35.00

Inside Stove              $40.00

Fire Places               $35.00

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